Bowery Bench - Curved

The Bowery Curved bench is a great alternative for urban streetscapes and city parks with circular settings. Its distinctive steel strap design, where each strap curls up and over the top bar and down and under the bottom bar, is both elegant and purposeful; it minimizes metal-to-metal surface contact that can lead to corrosion. The bench can be curved to a custom radius and fabricated to any length. Intermediate arm rests can be added as necessary.

About the Bowery Collection

Long imitated, but rarely equaled, the Bowery collection sets the standard for wrought steel site furniture. All Bowery furnishings feature solid steel bar and ¼ inch thick steel strap supports in a one-piece welded design. Look closely and you'll see important differences - smooth continuous welds, tightly spaced steel straps, and robust steel supports that provide superior durability. We introduced the Bowery collection in the 1980s, and it remains one of our most valued products.

  • Curved metal bench with radius fabricated from wrought steel.
  • Curved Bowery bench features one-piece welded construction from durable wrought steel.
  • Curved steel bench with custom radius.
  • Traditional park bench that works in a variety of urban environments

Product Details

4' - 12' length
Powder Coat
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Wrought Steel
Intermediate Arm Rests


  • CAD Drawing - 6' Length CAD Drawing - 6' Length (DWG|PDF)